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Biography of Razia Butt

Biography of Razia Butt

Razia Butt was a Urdu writer and dramatist from Pakistan. She was conceived in Wazirabad on 19 May 1924, and burned through a large portion of her youth in Peshawar. She was one of the productive scholars of her time, with somewhere in the range of 51 books and 350 short stories shockingly. She likewise composed many radio plays. 

Razia Butt was a Urdu author and writer from Pakistan. Her books commonly have solid female heroes, and have been sensationalized in motion pictures and TV plays.Razia Niaz was conceived in Wazirabad on 19 May 1924. She burned through a large portion of her adolescence in Peshawar.Razia Butt kicked the bucket in Lahore on 4 October 2012 after an extended sickness. 

Her name originally showed up in an abstract diary around 1940 when she was in her adolescents. She later built up her previously distributed story into a novel, Naila. 

Hitched in 1946, Razia Butt continued writing in 1950s following a break of a few years. She was later hailed as one of the productive authors of her time, with nearly 51 books and 350 short stories surprisingly. She likewise composed many radio plays. 

Razia Butt was an exceptionally prevalent urdu essayist. She was conceived in May 19, 1924 at Rawalpindi . Her genuine name was Razia Niaz however she was well known with the name of Razia Butt.Razia Butt first maritime was Naila distributed in 1946.She had expounded on 50 books and in excess of 350 stories. She likewise composed many radio plays. She was exceptionally famous story author in ladies .Many dramatization serials and movies were likewise made on her accounts. Her popular commitments incorporate Gul Bano, Bano, Naila, Namoo , Nooreen Saiqa Zindagi, Sarahand Aashi and numerous other. 

Razia Butt passed on in Lahore on 4 October 2012. She will ever appreciate an exceptional position among extraordinary novel essayists and in the field of Urdu writing. 

Razia Butt is maybe the main fiction author whose books are adjusted for the two movies and TV. In Pakistan TV began in 1964 and till 70's it transformed into a solid medium. Numerous TV dramatizations are additionally founded on the books of Razia Butt 

Noreena was a play from PTV Peshawar Center dependent on novel Noreena by Razia Butt. Coordinated by Ateeq Ahmed, it was performed by Younas Qayasi. Reena Siddiqui, Aamir Fareed, Reena Siddiqui, Anita Kamphor, Shariqa Fatima and Qavi Khan were in lead jobs. The dramatization was broadcast in 1994. 

Anita was a play from PTV Quetta Center dependent on novel Anita by Razia Butt. Irum Hassan and Anwar Ali were in lead jobs. Sensationalized by Younus Qayyasi, the play was coordinated by Sajjad Ahmed. The show was disclosed in 1995 


Amman is another play of PTV featuring shamil khan, it depended on novel Aabro by Razia Butt and coordinated by Ahmed Naveed. 

Butt reviews gladly that she was in the fifth grade when her instructor read out one of her expositions in class. In the tenth grade she anchored penny percent results in Urdu and recalls her foremost, an English lady, flinging her exam paper at her educator with the comment that it is difficult to anchor hundred percent in a dialect paper. She says with a detectable tinge of pride, "My educator reacted that on the off chance that it was conceivable to give me 150 out of 100, she would have done as such. 

One more shock came as an admission from Butt that she has not just constantly adored tuning in to music, she used to likewise sing amid her understudy days. 

Says she, I never learnt music formally, however was dependably into it. At the point when radio began in the forties, I was completely snared to it and would tune in for a considerable length of time to any semblance of Shamshad Begum, Iqbal Bano, Fareeda Khanum, Noor Jehan, Mohammed Rafi, Ghulam Ali, Asad Amanat Ali and Mehdi Hassan.


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