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Biography Of Nimra Ahmed

Biography Of Nimra Ahmed

Nemrah ahmed (otherwise called nimra ahmed or nemrah niazi) is a youthful pakistani writer. A basic article should begin like this to depict any author, yet when we talk about Nemrah Ahmed, it is absolutely inverse. At the youthful age of 21, she has turned into the most prominent, most talked about and to some degree dubious youthful author in the realm of Urdu digests (Khawateen process and so forth). This article tosses sufficient light on her accomplishments and also her disappointments so far in the artistic universe of Urdu writing. 

Much the same as stars on the system, or rain drops tumbling from the unending sky or uncountable grains of sand present out there, can be intelligently contrasted and the assorted variety, immensity of subject, allegorical style, foregrounding of high degree and nearly utilization of all such abstract gadgets can be found in Nemrah's composition. A conjurer with the words, words play in her grasp, themes feel respected to be picked by her-this is Nemrah Ahmed and her books. I've quite recently begun to open the Pandora box of her experimental writing, only a couple of easily overlooked details bouncing out of it. 

Regardless of whether it is, "Pareeshay" of "Karakuram Ka Taj Mehal" or "Mehmil" of her most recent novel "Musha'f," there is dependably a treat for her fans to love on. Her composition style is investigate one-sided and well-deal with. In "Baili Rajputan Ki Malika," she takes us to the weird world before segment of sub-mainland, this curious setting of the novel requests high scholarly aptitudes to do equity to it, and she effectively accomplishes it. In actuality, "Pahari Ka Qaidi," which is a short fiction by her, delineates the bad form in the equity division of pakistan-her frontal area of, " Pahari Ka Qaidi (Man Captured In Mountains)," has a dazzling good that regardless of how hard the despot may come at you, one day you will endeavor back and win your opportunity. This tale was a reasonable image of the political turmoil of pakistan winning around then. What a shocking accomplishment by this youthful author! 

In "Mereay Khawab Meray Jugnu," her style is to some degree under parcel of feedback. This was her before books, and numerous imperfections and incidental mix-ups were properly anticipated. Nonetheless, the story is wonderful and the affection for two sisters for one man ends up being a triumph inevitably. It was an extraordinary accomplishment also, despite the fact that her later books expanded her fan solidarity to an a lot bigger number. Nemrah's fans joyfully concede to calling, " Karakuram Ka Taj Mehal," as her best and number one novel up until this point. This thrilling novel depends on mountain ascending, and her characters are creatively woven vigorously, discoursed are crispy,story is stunning, style is topnotch the distance. The closure was a little on the low side when contrasted with the general nature of the novel, and Nemrah herself conceded that she couldn't end this novel as she'd want to. In general, it was a noteworthy hit and is distributed in book frame also. Nemrah Ahmed is making a superb scholarly recuperation in her most recent novel, "Mushaa'f," a novel which is one of its open kind. It is composed on the touchy issue of comprehension and translating the Holy Quran. This epic takes us on a passionate thrill ride. 

I owe all of you a profound expression of remorse for being this late in posting this article. After the finish of Jannat Kay Pattay, I got to a great degree occupied in my forthcoming undertaking and from that point forward I couldn't get a half quart of time to compose anything besides my new novel. In the interim you parents read a homicide secret (Paaras) in Pakeeza. It was right around a 6 years of age novel of mine that I began in those days, (after saann sakin thi) and deserted. At that point after KKTM, I re-composed that original copy with a couple of changes (particularly the difference in time) and made it a period novel (Beli Raajputaan Ki Malikah). Paaras and BRKM were opposite sides of a similar coin. Simply painted same hues with various brushes. So after JKP, I needed to finish Paaras in light of the fact that I had guaranteed Pakeeza organization for a long winded sequential, and I truly appreciated working with them. Change dependably brings Khair. 

In the ongoing years, when we are seeing much religion-related stuff in print and electronic media, at whatever point a hero is depicted with strokes of Deen, essayist is the greater part of the occasions (not generally) hung among story and religion, and therefore, at least one parts of religious authorizations are disregarded. Disregard the others, even my past courageous women were not the ideal Islamic young ladies, and nobody can be impeccable. We are depicting people, not holy messengers, and we are depicting Pakistani young ladies and on the off chance that they are not impeccable, we need to expound on blemished ones. Or on the other hand else individuals can't identify with them. Be that as it may, there are a few young ladies, (some since they are not very many in millions), who in any event endeavor to embrace Hijaab totally. Not in parts. Not in odds and ends. Be that as it may, in general. They will wear it with each non-mehram, even attempt their best on their wedding, and different capacities to cover themselves up. And afterward these young ladies have their accounts. Cheerful stories. Also, agonizing stories. On the off chance that a young lady does not wear the Shariah Niqaab, she has no clue, ABSOLUTELY no thought, what a Niqaabi young lady experiences. The torment, the affliction, the perseverance of hers is over the dimension of comprehension of an ''ordinary'' young lady. Much the same as a non-specialist can't comprehend the inconveniences of a restorative understudy, non-hijaabis can never comprehend those of hijaabi young ladies. For probably the first time, I needed to compose a totally Niqaabi young lady's story. Something each hijaabi young lady can relate with. What's more, JKP was not about Haya as it were. It was about Ayeshe as well (A non-niqaabi, just hijaabi young lady), about DJ as well (a non-hijaabi, non-niqaabi young lady) and the message I endeavored to pass on is that its about time Hijaabi young ladies should quit taking non-hijaabi ones as Kaafir, morons and trouble makers, and non-hijaabi young ladies should begin demonstrating some regard for the hijaab. It's about common comprehension. In the case of being a Hijaabi, you don't 'comprehend' a non-Hjaabi, at that point how might you anticipate that her will comprehend your life? This shared resistance can just enable us to improve as a Muslim and a superior person. A message I generally give: don't pass judgment on individuals, you have not carried on with their life! 

Nimra Ahmed is a youthful and energetic Urdu writer who is notable among Pakistani youth because of her extraordinary and sensational style of composing. In any case, in this article, we will portray few energizing books of Nimra Ahmed with you.


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