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Biography of Ibn-e-Safi

Biography of Ibn-e-Safi

Ibn-e-Safi was the nom de plume of Asrar Ahmad a smash hit and productive fiction author, writer and artist of Urdu from Pakistan. The word Ibn-e-Safi is an Arabian articulation which actually implies Son of Safi, where the word Safi implies modest or equitable. He composed from the 1940s in India, and later Pakistan after the freedom of British India in 1947. 

His primary works were the 125-book arrangement Jasoosi Dunya (The Spy World) and the 120-book Imran Series, with a little ordinance of ironical works and verse. His books were portrayed by a mix of riddle, experience, tension, viciousness, sentiment and satire, accomplishing enormous notoriety over an expansive readership in South Asia 

Ibne Safi was conceived on 26 July 1928 in the town 'Nara' of region Allahabad, India. His dad's name was Safiullah and mother's name was Naziran Bibi. 

Ibne Safi's ancestors originated from the town of Nara. Initially they were Hindus of Kaistth faction. A few ages back, their family pioneer Raja Vasheshar Dayal Singh had grasped Islam and came to be known as Baba Abdun Nabi. His tomb still exists in what are presently the vestiges of the town Nara. 

In 1953, Ibne Safi wedded Umme Salma Khatoon. She was conceived on April 12, 1938 to Muhammad Amin Ahsan and Riaz Fatima Begum. Her dad was Deputy Superintendent of Police in Sultanpur, India. Salma had a family foundation of abstract and religious identities. Her granddad, the artist Muhammad Ahsan Vehshi, was a supporter of Haji Imdadullah Muhajir Makki. Salma's uncle, Maulana Najm Ahsan, was a vicegrant (Khalifa) of Hakimul Ummat Maulana Ashraf Al Thanvi 

The creator made an incredible rebound on November 25, 1963 with the smash hit Imran Series tale Dairh Matwaalay, which initiated in India by the Ex Interior Minister (later Prime Minister of India) Lal Bahadur Shastri. The interest for this novel was high to the point that inside seven days a second version was distributed in India. This version was initiated by the then Provincial Law Minister Ali Zaheer. 

In January 1977 Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi began distributing Ibne Safi Magazine which was later renamed to Nae Ufaq. Another magazine Naya Rukh was begun after the demise of Ibne Safi. The two magazines conveyed a novel of Jasoosi Duniya and Imran Series each, separately. These magazines are still in distribution today; be that as it may, Ibne Safi's books are excluded any longer. 

Ibne Safi's significant other Umme Salma Khatoon passed away on Thursday June 12, 2003. 

Teacher Dr. Syed Muhammad Abu al-Khair instructed us to do likewise to Ibn-e-Safi. "I didn't say anything in regards to Ibn-e-Safi's tale, yet I don't realize what to state. Hamare is a Buddhist who has an exclusive expectation of instruction, however he can not make any reference to Ibn-e-Safi in any capacity. There is no uncertainty that I have another adaptation of Ibn-e-Safi, however I don't realize how to do it, I don't realize how to do it. "Poke Muhammad Hasan asked him to shikayat Urdu is the most vital individual, and I don't care for some other dialect , yet Ignorance of the novel is going ahead for the sake of Ibn-e-Safi , which is awful for me. "Kashfi Sahab Ibn-e-Safi ka Newallaaaayaaaaaaaaaaaa " 

In 1977, he has wrote another novel Dr. Dua go to Pakistan Television was broadcasted in a film that spoke to me. Mashoor adakar Qivi khan ne is mein imran ka kirdar thaaya. However, I am sorry to learn that I could see the film in my film. Roznama jang ne apni 18 october 1979 ke ashaat mein khabar shaey ki "You have jumlah bar times throughout my life, yet I don't know why the TV list is dark and I would prefer not to boycott the TV list. There is no IBN-e-Safi in any capacity, however we would prefer not to do any of the projects for the TV, yet it isn't yet known when the new Dr. Did not I leave from Telecom? " 

Wo ji jaho joshoosi mushanif, jen ka kam ko ben-ul-aqwami satah standard bhi imtiaz-o-shohrat hai ki ai martaba jasoosi novelon ki a wal mashoor maroof musanifa agatha christie: "Fundamental Urdu Nahi I have possessed the capacity to make another name for the new year in another book titled 'Janti Magar Bar-E-Sagheer'. For this situation, I need to know whether there is an IBN-e-Safari. " 

In Ibn-e-Safi's fun and simple plan for the day, I have possessed the capacity to do anything any other way, however I am not ready to do anything besides rather I would prefer not to roll out any improvements. Ibn e Safi 26 July 1980


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