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Biography of Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Biography of Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Faiz Ahmad Faiz was among the most celebrated and famous shayars. He confronted political suppression for his progressive perspectives. Faiz was his pen name. His introduction to the world occurred in the year 1911, in Sialkot, Punjab, from where he did his essential training from Church Mission School. Later on, he did his Masters in English and Arabic from Government College, Lahore. Amid his school days, he kept on pursueing his beautiful yearnings. In 1936, he took up the post of an English teacher at M.A.O. School, Amritsar. At the point when the Progressive Movement in India assembled force in 1936, he was one of the heroes. Faiz perfectly mixed the misery of affection with distresses of life in his verse which hit home with youth. In 1939, when his first accumulation 'Naqsh-e-Faryadi' was distributed, the artistic world was shaken with the resound. Amid that time, he likewise accepted the accountability of editorship of 'Adab-e-Lateef'. In 1940, Faiz was designated instructor at the Hailey College of Commerce, Lahore. This was the period when World War was at its pinnacle and countries were joining against dictatorship, thusly Faiz additionally joined armed force. In 1947, Faiz took up a situation in the Pakistan Times. After that he moved toward becoming manager of "Imroz" and got awards in news-casting as well. After Pakistan appeared, he started working for the privileges of work and was designated Vice President of Trade Union Federation. He took an interest in the I.L.O. Geneva Conference as a representative for work. On March 9, 1951, Faiz was captured under the Pakistan Safety Order Act for Rawalpindi case for which he was detained. His second accumulation 'Dast-e-saba' recognizes his restriction in Hyderabad imprison. Faiz started his verse with ghazals and relentlessly moved his thoughtfulness regarding nazm and is recognized a prestigious artist of the two structures among dynamic artists. 

Faiz Ahmad Faiz (13 February 1911 – 20 November 1984) was an Indo-Pakistani radical artist and writer, and a standout amongst the most commended journalists of the Urdu dialect. Among different awards, Faiz was named for Nobel Prize in Literature and won the Lenin Peace Prize. 

Conceived in Punjab, British India, Faiz proceeded to learn at Government College and Oriental College. He proceeded to serve in the British Indian Army and was granted in the British Empire Medal. After Pakistan's freedom, Faiz turned into the proofreader to The Pakistan Times and a main individual from the Communist Party before being captured in 1951 as a supposed piece of trick to oust the Liaquat organization and supplant it with a left-wing government 

Faiz was discharged following four years in jail and proceeded to end up a striking individual from the Progressive Writers' Movement and in the long run an assistant to Bhutto organization, before acting naturally ousted to Beirut. Faiz was an affirmed Marxist, and he got the Lenin Peace Prize by the Soviet Union in 1962. His work stays powerful in Pakistan writing and expressions. Faiz's scholarly work was after death openly respected when the Pakistan Government gave upon him the country's most astounding common honor, Nishan-e-Imtiaz, in 1990. 

He was conceived in a Jat family on thirteenth February 1911 in Kala Qder in a famous region of Pakistan Sialkot. He was associated in an abstract social affair since he was included with the scholarly individuals from the early adolescence. His house was utilized to circle with the neighborhood artists and essayists that used to visit his home. His dad was an advodate who had been working for the British Government. Faiz Ahmad family gave much significance to his instruction and gave thusly that took him to the pinnacle of most elevated honors. 

Faiz's family was simply Muslims who pursued the standards of Islam as a lifestyle. In any case, then again, Faiz Ahmad Faiz got the common custom of Islamic way. He learned Arabic, Persian and Urdu Languages. His dad exhorted him to took in the instruction from Sir Sayyed School of thought. He sent to Scotch Mission School that kept running by the British Family. After registration, he joined Murray College Sialkot to finish middle of the road. 

Later he got affirmation in the branch of dialects and expressive arts in GC University Lahore. Faiz Ahmad Faiz passed his B.A praises in the Arabic dialect in 1926 and further in 1932 he finished MA English in writing from the Government College University Lahore. He likewise had an ace degree in Arabic that he additionally completed in 1932.


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